I have played the whole keyboard of life.  I have had external success earning many accolades with a very comfortable lifestyle and been near homelessness and living in poverty.  

After many major life-changing events from before birth.   I also unconsciously believed in the Cinderella story,  as do many young girls, teen girls, and women,  waiting for someone, or even a job to rescue me so I could live happily ever after.  My healing journey began with the support of the universe/god/higher power beginning from the age of 7, my inner wisdom and many wise people.  I feel as if I have burned off the energies blocking my true self and Renued my Life.

I healed from a challenging and traumatic childhood and early to mid-adulthood.  As a highly intuitive-sensitive, the trauma was intense and it took me time release false belief structures draining my energy.   Through all the challenges and traumas of life, I have been attuned to my soul/true self-calling with my highly attuned intuition.    However, I struggled to find the greater meaning, inner peace, and harmony in my life.  

I to sit with myself in meditation and found inner peace, joy, love, and abundance.  I have learned to challenge and the gift of shifting my inner dialogue, a daily practice. I take responsibility for my choices and choose to forgive others,  and most of all myself.  I have learned forgiveness is not linear nor can we insist we forgive on command, there is an ebb and flow process to find our inner peace.I found deep forgiveness and honor for my parents.  I have found the Present of Presence which I live with gratitude.  

I was gifted with two children.  The joys and challenges of parenthood help us learn from our children as much as they learn from us.   Now, I have two amazing teens who are and have been my greatest Zen masters!

We all want to be seen heard and loved.  Dr. Brene Brown speaks about her research of wholehearted people feeling worthy of love and belonging.   Too often many of us do not feel worthy of love and belonging.  And we are all worthy!   Often having a coach to guide us to release the blocks of the belief structures we are holding draining our life force energy.

I AM LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER!  Will you join me in Living Happily Ever After?

Renu qualifications include:

  1. Reiki I & II certified
  2. Chakra Balancing training
    1. Many online and in-person trainings.
  3. MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Business