During a conversation with Renu,  my friend of five years, Renu offered deep listening as she gently inquired about my situation and feelings of depression I was experiencing a particularly low episode of depression due to my living arrangements. In fact, I would describe my heart as feeling "black" which was quite unusual.
      Renu began to lead me through a series of mental imagery and positive affirmations that I had never encountered in my previous 20 + years of meditation experience.   Although I "fact checked " them with my past knowledge, I found her instruction to be both beneficial and "accurate" in -depth and scope.
      As our conversation lasted perhaps for an hour and 
half, on a scale of 0-360, I went from feeling at a  "zero" to feeling an increase in my self-esteem to a "300". 

    She is knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive in her method to raise my consciousness to a higher level. She flowed with my own inner wisdom, acting as a guide and less as a therapist.  Without s degree in formal therapy but with 4-5 years of extensive self-taught knowledge, classes, experience and a desire to help others find their inner wisdom,   Renu has what I can only say is an "intuitive" grasp of a person's needs, combined with a deeply empathetic and compassionate heart.  
     She has a rare quality of sensing what is necessary for a person to heal, as only one who has been in those shoes can know, and immediately practicing the steps forward with 
knowledge, guiding the person's soul towards potential growth.

     I can recommend her without a doubt,  she has a passion for the possible for each individual to reach their authentic self and to be ignited.

Anthony S.

     Before I met Renu, I was emotionally devastated from my husband’s neglect and 
infidelity. Upon seeing her Meet Up session, I immediately made an appointment to see her.  I didn’t know what to expect from the session, but I was glad that I attended.  Renu had a way of understanding my situation and I easily broke down when I felt that I was understood.
     Renu had a unique way of explaining what was going on with me and how to see things from a different 
perspective.  She used her own modality of healing me and when I left the session, I felt like a completely different person..it made healing thereafter easier.
    Thank you Renu for being there when I needed the help. 

Carole A